Our Vision
ACII, INC. is a technology-based consulting firm for engineering services and product
developments. Focused on the structural analysis involving stress concentration, fracture,
fatigue, damages evolution and materials failure under complicated conditions, the firm
provides solutions of structural limit loads and service life predictions. As a count part, the
firm's background and strength in micro- and nano-scaled structural analysis lead to
better understanding of toughening mechanisms of materials, enlightening innovative
thinking and developments of new structural materials.

Hence, ACII's mission is to assist customers to find optimized solutions in structural
designs and structural materials developments, as well as to provide load rating and life
predictions for those engineering structures on services.    

Based on the past 20 years experiences in acadamic researches and industrial R&D
services over China, West Germany, and United States, the ACII, Inc. was found in 2005 by
Su. Hao. Its first project is an analysis of gear steel development for
DANA Corp., a S&P 500 company. In recent year, the most successful business is the
analysis of Minneapolis I35W bridge collapse. The firm's first report, which includes a
benchmark 3D structural computation and preliminary analysis of gusset plate, was
submitted to NTSB(National Transportation Safety Board) 7 weeks after the accident.
Although this project is not funding-orientated, the analysis and prediction essentily match
the findings of NTSB's investigation and were acknowledged by FHWA. Currently ACII is focussing on the R&D of the innovative products based on her patents.

ACII, Inc. is registed at State Illinois with her first office located at Wilmette, a nice and quite suburb town nested on Lake Michigan shore, and is about 15 miles to the downtown of Chicago, Illinois. The firm is in preparing the second office in the City of Irvine, a dynamic business hub within the LA-Orange County Monopolies area of South California, about 40 miles south from the City of Angels: Los Angeles.
About Us
- Motivated staffs dedicated to delighting our clients through professional engineering   

- Respect for people, reliable to clients

- Innovative thinking, step by step hard working, and excellent output

- On-time, on-site, all relying on customers' demands
Our Value
- Be honest to science

- Be friendly to nature

- Be responsible to customers